Welcome to an astounding journey into the world of API and Mobile technology. This expansive landscape, continually in flux, shapes and remoulds digital interactions and business operations. It is of paramount importance to understand how APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are increasingly becoming lifelines of our interconnected digital ecosystem. They serve as conduits, allowing various software components to engage in a seamless and harmonious dialogue.

APIs are akin to the waitstaff at a restaurant. The customer (in this case, software programme/application) sends a specific request (orders), which is relayed by the waiter (API) to the kitchen (another application) to fulfil the order. What makes APIs truly instrumental is their ability to extend services and capabilities, facilitating an extensive suite of functions. This potential is particularly notable in mobile technology where APIs are utilised extensively.

Mobile technology, a catalyst in the digital revolution, has transformed our lives, popularised by the ubiquity of smartphones. From banking transactions and shopping to education and healthcare services, the mobile interface is emerging as a conduit for diverse digital interactions, making APIs significantly robust in deploying innovative mobile applications.

Now, combine API’s agility and extensibility with mobile technology’s reach, and behold a world of endless opportunities. But it doesn’t end there. APIs also enable the integration of emerging technologies like AI, Chatbots, IoT, and more, adding additional layers of functionality and user engagement to mobile applications.

Keeping abreast with trends, Juniper Research predicts the number of end-user-oriented public APIs to increase by 54% by 2021, indicating a profound impact on the ideation, design and deployment of digital products and services. Furthermore, another report by MarketsandMarkets revealed that the global mobile application market size is forecasted to reach $365 billion by 2023, reflecting a compounded growth of 14% per year. The amalgamation of APIs and mobile technology is evidently making waves in our ever-evolving digital era.

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